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Dynamite Maid Cleaning Services

The maid cleaning service provided by Dynamite cleaning isn’t just about a clean house but a healthy and refreshing home. Our maids don’t see your house as their workplace rather treat them as their own house. We make sure that the equipment we use isn’t just effective but environment-friendly. And when it comes to cleaning, our nothing goes ignored by our maids as detail is what Dynamite Cleaning assures its customers.
Here’s how our maids treat the different places in the house to ensure the best service to the homeowner:

The first thing that makes the bathroom call for a broom wiping is a cobweb. Our maids first assure there are none in your bathroom before going for dusting the whole place. After that comes the wiping for basins, mirrors, tub etc. At Dynamite Cleaning, we make sure that your stuff is properly handled. Our maids make sure there are no scratches on the mirror while wiping and still promise a mirror to complement your pretty face. Another point to take care in the bathroom about is the hygiene. Clean tiles, shower doors and most importantly toilet sanitation are bold on our to-do lists.

Our maids assure a dust free healthy bedroom. Proper dusting at window sills, baseboards and other projecting surfaces is the first job followed by deeper cleaning for wall hangings mirrors and stuff on you furniture. A proper vacuuming is a must before exiting the bedroom.

Dining room
The place you eat in needs to be indispensably clean. Our maids start with dusting and wiping the furniture followed by light fixture and at the end vacuuming.
Living room
In and out dusting and vacuuming for the furniture is how we promise a healthy dust-free living room

Laundry room
To deal with Laundry rooms our maids take care that there’s no water on the floor washers and dryers are clean and then vacuum the whole place.

The place where food is made needs special treatment. Our maids ensure clean appliances like toasters, coffee makers, and microwaves. The stovetop, pans are properly wiped and cleaned, so are the cabinets and kitchen furniture. Once a detailed cleaning is ensured, we move to wiping and vacuuming.
Daily, weekly or bi-weekly, you just need to tell your needs and we have a perfect maid service for you. This is the only reason Dynamite Cleaning has won the hearts of it numerous customers with its excellent services.